French Federation

Modern Sword Fighting is very young in France. The two first french clubs openned on september 2016.

In 2019-2020 sport season, we were 12 clubs and 130 fighters.

The Federation France Modern Sword Fighting was created in january 2017 : its objectives are to organize, coordinate, develop and promote the practice of Modern Sword Fighting in both competition and leisure in France.

A Team of France was present at the third European Championship, taking place in Minsk on 11th/12th March 2017. Since this time, Team of France participated to all international official IFMSF championships. Each years, some French club register to HMB Soft World Championship.

The FFMSF is recognized by the International Federation of Modern Sword Fighting by a convention signed in 2019.

The current President of FFMSF is Guillaume Andrieux (Facebook page).

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