MSF trainers seminar

FFMSF invite you to its first trainers seminar :

SATURDAY 10th of JUNE, from 9 am to 1 pm, in Champeix (63320, France)

This seminar takes place on the Marchidial Tournament, organised by the club “The Marchidial’s Squires”.

So, you are welcome to come with kids willing discover or pratice the Modern Sword Fighting. This tournament is an “open” one : everyone can register from 6 to 17 years old, even beginners. Equipment is lent if necessary. Informations on the Marchidial’s Squires web site.

Objectifs :

  • To give the training basics to everyone who wants to lead sport training of youth and older,
  • To learn about the MSF technics with sword / shield, sword / buckler, long sword…
  • To learn judging technics
  • Specific to the French trainees : knowledge about the French sport laws and regulations and about the French Federation of Modern Sword Fighting.

Prerequisites : NONE

Trainers :

Maciej Ryszkiewicz

  • Vice-President of the International Federation of Modern Sword Fighting
  • Former trainer of the MSF Poland National Team
  • Sport teacher

Guillaume Andrieux

  • President of the French Federation of Modern Sword Fighting
  • Graduate of a master’s degree in Science and Technique of Physical and Sports Activities
  • Graduate of the State Degree of Sports Coach

Program :

Training :

  • Physical warming
  • Game play to begin the activity
  • Technics of fighting 1 vs 1
  • Educational situations, evaluation, remediation
  • Technics of fighting 5 vs 5

Coaching :

  • Preparing the fighter for competition
  • Role and abilities during competition

Officiating :

  • Referees : judging committee, equipment control, orders, strike effectiveness…
  • Timekeeper and secretaria

For the French trainee :

  • What are you allowed to do as non-graduate sport trainer ?
  • What is your role as a trainer in your sport association ?
  • How sport associations and the FFMSF work together ?

ATTENTION : seminar in English. Specifics parts for French trainers in french.

Registration and cost :

Seminar (4 heures) + saturday lunch = 70 €

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