First MSF mass battle in France

For the first time in France, more than 30 fighters were fighting during an afternoon in a holidays center near the Castle of Murol. For now, only two countries were able to organize this kind of event : Russia and Ukraine (with a lot more of fighters !).

This mass battle was organized by club “Les Ecuyers du Marchidial“. Thanks to their equipments, the fight was not only with sword and shield : we had the opportunity to use battle archery weapons too !

The vacationers, coming from different places in France, spent the afternoon beginning with a MSF duel initiation with Guillaume Andrieux and the help of his sportsmens.

Then a part of the group went with Axel Glaise, Battle Arc trainer…

… the others continued MSF with melee training.

At least, the moment everyone was waiting for arrived :

Two teams of 16 fighters (12 sword & shield, 4 archers) fighted each other during 5 rounds.

What an epic time ! Finally blue team won the battle with the score 3 rounds to 2.

A big thank you to Nicolas Desjeux, director of the holiday resort Azuréva de Murol and his camp counselors for their trust and help.

A big thank you to the fighters from the club Les Ecuyers du Marchidial : Eric, Axel, Baptiste, Allan, Tristan, Jules, Emye, Adrian.

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